Planning Ideas...from a Bride-to-be

When my fiancé, Luke, and I got engaged at our favorite vacation spot overlooking the Smoky Mountains I was so excited to be marrying my best friend. I could not wait to start planning our dream wedding. Many girls dream of their special day, and how they want it, but there is more to planning a wedding than most brides think. There are many resources available to help ease some stress. From digital to print, they all offer an array of information and  different ways to be organized while planning. As a bride-to-be I would like to offer some insight to future brides on how to better stay organized while planning.

I knew I had to be as organized as possible but wasn’t sure where to start. I bought wedding magazines to see if they would be helpful, which they were. I picked some of the more popular national ones, but there are many other local ones available as well. Choosing which magazines you want to use to plan your wedding comes down to your personal preference. Each magazine will give you different outlooks and opinions.

The most helpful thing I found in magazines were the to-do lists and timelines for tasks. These helped me figure out where to start wedding planning and what tasks to accomplish first. With pages full of pictures of ceremonies, receptions, color pallets and centerpieces, they can be helpful if you’re having a hard time choosing honeymoon destinations and cake trends. Once I got a feel for my style I put the timelines to use.

All of the major tasks should be done first: booking the ceremony and reception venue, catering, DJ, and photographer/videographer. The rest will fall into place once these items are done. Picking our reception location helped us decide on a theme and colors and from there we were able to work on centerpieces and catering menus. Another great reason to do the major tasks first is that you want to make sure you are able to get them on your desired date. Knowing our date was locked in was a huge relief for us.

As time goes on you will acquire a lot of magazines, papers, samples and other items from bridal shows and vendors. It was key that I kept them all in one place so nothing was misplaced. I designated a bag to hold only wedding materials, along with pens, whiteout, highlighters and sticky notes. For loose papers I bought an accordion folder and labeled all the sections for the different aspects of the wedding.

Two other items to consider in your planning process are a wedding notebook and planner or calendar. I keep these in my purse so I have them at all times. The notebook is filled with to-do lists, notes and questions for vendors. The calendar helps keep track of appointments and important days.

Most importantly, remember to have fun and include your fiancé in decisions. I love getting Luke’s input because it is his special day too. I may think about it in a little more detail than he does, but he enjoys helping and coming up with ideas. When people say the time goes by quickly, they are not kidding. So congratulations and I hope this article give you some ideas on how to stay organized for your wedding if you are not already. Happy planning!

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