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It is not a wedding event without floral accents, and wedding flowers are so much more than the ceremony bouquets and centerpieces; they can be symbolic in a traditional sense or they can portray your own personality. Flowers can be a wow-factor or a subtle enhancement. There are limitless ways flowers can be incorporated into your wedding.

Flowers will end up as one of the major line items on the wedding budget; there is no way around flowers not being inexpensive, but there are ways to trim the costs. Find a floral designer to put your trust in to help budget your expectations and fill your floral visions.

Reputable florists will know where to get the flowers you want that will fit your wedding style and budget. If you shop around and find a florist that will work with your vision, the look you desire can be achieved.

Florists tend to see style trends change frequently but flowers are always the same each season. This year’s favored style is the natural, loose, flowing organic look. This fashioned look helps embrace the relaxed and comfortable mood that couples are wanting in their weddings. Look for herbs and decorative succulents, or ornamental vegetable leaves to play a role in arrangements.

Debbie Keys, owner of Pealer’s Flowers in Camp Hill, says this year’s “it flower” is “the garden rose, fabulous big roses that don’t’ look like roses.” Keys also mentioned that brides want a subtle floral look that is also luxurious.

The imagination and creativity in the personalized wedding can come out in flowers. A simple flower to the most elegant flower can be transferred into something entirely different, just by what is done with it. Let your own personal style and likes come out in the floral aspect of the wedding.

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