Capturing your Love Story

Your wedding will be a whirlwind event; there will be events of the day that you will remember vividly, and others that will be memories caught by camera that will become your wedding story to be shared forever.


Wedding photos will be what you look back upon with smiles and happiness and every bride and groom want to have those moments captured perfectly.

Photographers agree that it is all about trust that the couple gives to them. Here are a few helpful hints from the experts to make sure you get the most out of your photos:

  • Start with good communication, to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page and everybody’s expectations are clear, and really the same can be said for everyone involved in the wedding. Then, once the wedding day arrives, it might sound silly, but just be present and enjoy this very important day, make those memories, trust in all the work that was put into preparing the wedding and selecting the team of professionals that helped you get there. ~Maria Silva-Goyo, photographer
  • Engagement Photo Sessions Are Essential. Many brides aren’t sure if they need or want an engagement photo session. As a photographer, I can tell you that there is nothing more important to great wedding photos than an engagement session. It allows you some time to get comfortable with me and my shooting style and to get comfortable being photographed. You’ll get more than great portraits in a relaxed and beautiful setting—you’ll be more confident and relaxed in front of the camera on your wedding day! ~Elaine Gates Photography
  • Pick a photographer whose work you love and then trust that photographer on your wedding day. Worrying about the photographer hitting all of the photos on a “must have” list will stress you and your photographer out. Be yourself, have fun, and know that your photographer is going to capture you in all of your moments in his or her style that you love. ~Jeff Benzon Photography
  • Appoint one bridal party member that knows all family and friends to gather everyone up for the photos. Sounds simple, but the bride has so much more on her mind and it really helps ease tension. ~Jessie Renee Photography
  • Our clients hire us because they know they can trust us to capture all moments throughout the day so that their friends and family can just enjoy the moment with their eyes and not through their phones. The trend is unplugged weddings for at the ceremony. The couples ask their guest to just keep their phones and cameras in their pockets. ~Paul V Photography
  • Hire a wedding photographer you trust, and then trust the wedding photographer... even when they give strange requests. I always tell my couples that a particular pose might feel weird but look great on camera. Also, if you’ve hired a wedding photographer to capture candid moments, don’t worry about looking at the camera. Be yourself and enjoy the day. If the photographer wants you to look at the camera, he or she will tell you! ~ToddG Photography
  • Choose the right photographer. Hire a photographer that has provided memories for many weddings and loves her job. Choose someone that is flexible and can adapt to the flow of the wedding day, is willing to take many pictures of your friends and families, and is there to help you relax and enjoy the best day of your life. ~Cindy Roth Photography

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