Carlisle Auto Care Monthly Tip- May

Virtually all vehicles come with power steering, so many Carlisle motorists have never driven a car or truck without it. Power steering assists you when you turn your steering wheel. Without it, it is very hard to steer.


This power assist comes in a couple of forms. A lot of vehicles have an electric motor that reduces steering effort and helps improve fuel efficiency. Another kind of power steering is hydraulic. This is the kind most vehicles have. Power steering fluid is pressurized by a pump and is used to assist steering. Of course, motorists need the right amount of fluid in the system. If it’s too low your steering is affected and you could damage your sedan pump.

Also, power steering fluid can become corrosive over time and damage the pump, hoses and connectors; leading to leaks and repairs. Power steering service includes removing the contaminated fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid.

Some power steering pumps are powered by an electric motor. Others are driven by the serpentine belt. A worn serpentine belt stresses all of the sedan components it drives, including the power steering pump; so replace the belt as advised to avoid undue repairs.

Losing your power steering while driving can be unsettling – just remember that you can still steer, it will just be harder. Check with your service specialist to see if it’s time to service your power steering system.

In addition to power steering service, at Carlisle Autocare Center we offer comprehensive automotive services including oil change, tire replacement and alignment

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