All About Father's Day

Father’s Day is about celebrating, honoring and showing appreciation to dads, grandfathers, step-dads and all the men who act as father figures in our  lives. The holiday celebrates the contributions and sacrifices that they make for their children’s lives. It is always celebrated on the third Sunday in June. This year Father’s Day is on June 21, 2015.

We thought we could give you some creative ways to help your children express their love and appreciation to the special dads and father figures in their lives. It can be difficult at times buying for them, especially if you want to get him something fun, useful or something they can enjoy. Fathers always enjoy gifts from the heart, so getting them something that goes with a hobby they love doing or something that he and the kids can do together, is the perfect gift they will love and cherish. The following are some ideas:

1. Have each of the kids paint their names on a solid white tie. They can use dad’s favorite color, they can write him a message or even draw a picture. Even if the father doesn’t wear ties all the time, it’s a nice gift for him to wear on special occasions.

2. The kids can make him a CD of his favorite songs to listen to on his way to work in the mornings or you can record the kids talking about their favorite memories with their dad and burn it onto a CD for him.

3. The kids may have drawn or painted a picture in school for their fathers. You can frame that for them to give as a gift so he can show it off on his desk at home or at work.

4. Kids love doing things with their dads. You can have the kids think of a favorite memory or activity that they did with their dad and have them plan to do it again to bring back the memories. This can be going to an amusement park, a sporting event or just doing something fun together at the house.

5. Most fathers and father figures have a special hobby that they love doing. The children can give gifts to encourage him in his hobby or talent that he loves.

6. Dad’s love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. On Father’s Day the kids can prepare an elaborate meal with his favorite dishes for him.

7. If the father loves to go fishing, the kids can plan a fishing trip with a secret picnic for him. If they want to be creative, they can create a map for him to follow to the surprise destination.

8. The kids can plan a trip, with the help of their mother, for their father to do something that he loves. This can be from going to his favorite sports team’s game, fishing, hiking on his favorite trail or going to his favorite restaurant. Anything that he loves to do that he doesn’t get to do often would be a great gift for him.

9. Let the father sleep in the Sunday morning of Father’s Day and have the kids take him his favorite breakfast in bed along with the newspaper. He will love just being able to not have to get up right away and to spend quality time with his family.

10. If the dad has a favorite picture of the family, the kids can frame it for him. He will love to show off the smiling faces of his loving family.

No matter the gift, if it’s something simple or something bought, it’s a gift from the heart and the fathers and father figures of the children will love it no matter what.

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