Scalles Restaurant

Carlisle is a town rich in history and a town with delicious restaurants. When going out, most go for top favorites such as Café Bruges, Brick, Andalusia, however; if you look closer there are many restaurants in little nooks and crannies throughout Carlisle.

There is one restaurant in particular that has both history and a tasty menu, Scalles Restaurant. Scalles is located off Old York Road (aka Route 74). The building was constructed in 1867 and was used by Carlisle Iron Works. It became a grain warehouse and then a retail store of wood stoves. In 1983, the building was transformed into what is now Scalles.

Scalles is the perfect place to go for a lunch out as their sandwiches are delicious. If you are looking for advice on what to order from their menu, I suggest the rib eye steak sandwich, the Block Buster, the hefty BLT, the reuben, the club, or the hot veggie wrap. There is a wide variety of soups and the chicken corn soup is absolutely fantastic. Be sure to get the corn fritters with the honey dip.

They also sell a variety of craft beers for dining and carry out.

The atmosphere is light and very casual with the prices reasonable. Make sure you don’t go right at the height of lunch or dinner as the dining space is limited. All in all, you are getting the diner experience but in a distinctive Carlisle atmosphere.

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