Can You Escape the Room?

One of the biggest trends in the US comes from the app “The Room.” Now, you can take the video game experience into real life with your friends or just yourself. Corporations are using them for team building exercises and others are just using it as a fun time to have with friends.

There are several area escape rooms. My husband Mike and I were recently invited to go with neighbors to the Fantasy Escape Room in Lewisburg, PA.

There are closer escape rooms, but I highly recommend taking the drive north along the Susquehanna River to Lewisburg, PA. The drive is a lovely ninety minutes up the valley of the river. If you have been in the Rhine River area of Germany, this drive will bring memories of driving from Mainz to Koblenz. Lewisburg, the home of Bucknell University, is a quaint town with a tap room and a Civil War Cider brewery. You can find vegan Jamaican food, Thai food, Italian and tavern food along Market Street. You will also pass through Sunbury, where the river is deep enough to take small boats out onto the river. And they have a restaurant that has a reputation for it’s food, Skeeter’s BBQ, which overlooks the river. We ate at the Bull Run Tap house on Market St. in Lewisburg which had tasty hops and a wide variety on their menu.

After the Tap Room, we walked the couple of blocks up to the Fantasy Escape Room. After signing waivers, eight of us were locked in a room together. Our mission was simple; “find the Holy Grail or there would be world domination.” It is important to note that we all pictured ourselves as Indiana Jones from the Last Crusade.

We were given one hour to get out. We actively searched for the clues that would unlock the door to our room. As the time ticked by, we gathered codes through solving riddles and patterns found throughout the room. As the clock neared the 40-minute mark, we opened up a door to a second smaller room. We knew we had 20 minutes left and we rushed with no rhyme or reason to gather what we thought were the final clues. Our group, unfortunately, did not escape. I won’t tell you the results in case you ever decide to venture to the Fantasy Escape Room. I will say that our group was left with a “what are you talking about” face when explained how far we had gone and how far we still had to go. The group discussion that followed lasted the rest of the day.

The room may have left us frustrated, but it was probably one of the best times that I have had in Pennsylvania so far. It was a chance to leave the kids at home and go out with friends in a fun activity that wasn’t the normal date night. It was an adventure that left us wanting to go back and do it again!

Area Escape Rooms:
Fantasy Escape, Lewisberry, PA
Outside the Box, Harrisburg, PA
Escape Room, Lancaster, PA
Escape Games Live, York, PA

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