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Military family on the move or not, it is always hard to find that salon that is the perfect salon for you. I tried several places in Carlisle before I found a stylist I liked at one salon in town. Unfortunately, after two years, my stylist left for another salon. I liked the salon, but I liked the stylist more. I followed her to her new salon in Mechanicsburg, SPAtacular Escapes. I had a chance to talk to the owner, Shelly Wendeln, about the spa.


SPAtacular Escapes offers an organic approach to their products and services. Wendeln believes that wellness and health can be a part of our beauty and relaxation time.  Designed to make the customer’s experience the best one, SPAtacular Escapes has a comfortable, quiet environment as soon as you walk in the door.

SPAtacular Escapes is a full-service salon offering everything from color and cut with Moroccan Organics hair products, to body treatments, facials, massages, and nail service. Hair products are not ammonia based like most products and all are certified organic from an Italian company named O-Way.

There is an informal café offering vegan choices and indulgences, all from a Lancaster based company. It is a self-checkout café. The kitchen is still under construction but they hope to have it up and running soon. Their goal is to have a personal chef making soups and quiches. Until then, they also are working with several Mechanicsburg restaurants in case you want a hot meal while you are having a spa day.

Also, a work in progress, the spa will begin offering yoga and Zumba classes through Ethos, a Carlisle based fitness studio. Classes will be offered imorning and evening, Monday-Thursday.

The spa also offers free use of an infrared sauna and a steam sauna when you come in for a salon purchase. Infrared saunas have been proved to help a body detox for weight loss and general health.

The spa is just a quick drive to Silver Spring and offers a wonderful environment with a full staff to accommodate a customer’s needs. I liked the fact that the hair salon and nail salon were separate; almost like two different businesses in one. As I was getting my hair done and chatting with my stylist, she also mentioned that there is a kids’ room in the salon. The spa understands that things come up, but there is no reason to miss your appointment. Bring your kids and they can stay in the kids’ room.

Finding a salon is a very personable experience and one that is the right fit for one person isn’t the right fit for another. However, I will suggest that you give SPAtacular Escapes a try. Treat yourself to a day of pampering. Tell your spouse about SPAtacular Escape; the February special is a couple’s massage.

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